Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:What is Love Ottawa?

Love Ottawa is a city-wide network of pastors, individuals and churches, that seeks to be a catalyst for prayerful, collaborative outreach in every sphere and neighbourhood. Our purpose is to express the love of God and represent Jesus Christ through good words and deeds.

Q:What does Love Ottawa do? What is the motive behind the organization?
  • affirms and facilitates partnerships between congregations within Ottawa neighbourhoods in the hope that, together, they will express God’s love to their neighbours.
  • tells good stories within the Church of Ottawa about how congregations and individual Christians have partnered to make tangible difference in their neighbourhoods so that more people are inspired to do likewise.
  • engages in research, one area of Ottawa at a time, in order to be informed about relevant ways to bring about positive change.
  • provides training about how to be good neighbours.
  • promotes prayer gatherings, prayer walks and civic prayer breakfast, believing that prayer is a key way to love our city.
  • identifies and encourages regional gatherings of pastors and leaders for the purpose of friendship, prayer and intentional service together.

Our motive is to express the love of God and to represent Jesus Christ through good words and deeds with no strings attached.  While we believe that people are better off with Jesus in their lives, we are also respectful of individual choice and perspective.  Loving people is not contingent on agreement about Jesus.

Q:Where does the funding come from?

We raise our support and funding from individual believers and congregations in Ottawa.  We are a grassroots movement, not funded by any particular head office or denomination.

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