scot stiller prayerfootOur director, Richard Long joined Pastor Scott Stiller from New Hope Community Church for a prayer walk in his community this past week.  As you may know our PrayerWalk Ottawa effort registered 430 prayer routes in the last 12 months.  We knew that many others were out there “praying onsite with insight”.  Scott is certainly one of them, praying every Thursday afternoon in the streets around his target community.

What really piqued our interest was the integration of new technology that Pastor Stiller uses as he walks and prays.  He takes pictures, writes notes to remind himself of what he has observed, and even tweets to his congregation some of the things he finds himself praying.

On the New Hope Community Church website there are simple instructions on how to “Go Prayer Foot.” Help that Scott hopes will have people from his church motivated to pray walk their own street.

The big impact in Pastor Stiller’s words is “the revelation of God’s heart of compassion for the people of Ottawa”.  He highlighted how prayerwalking on a weekly basis has given him a whole new window on who are his neighbours, and a burden to find ways to reach out to them.

Are you prayerwalking your neighbourhood?  Drop us a note about how it is going.